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CARNIVAL JOB: Nightrider
JOINED: February 2017; tail-end of Atlantis (Day 55)
TRAILER: Supervisor Trailer # 4
POINTS: 129 (as of July 2017 AC)

❂ CANON CHANGES: Yellow, catlike eyes and low-light vision; enhanced senses, strength, and reflexes; resilience to disease and toxins.
✧ COMMON CHANGES: Bioluminescent spots down his spine (from Atlantis); rune-like fae marks along his left collarbone; fangs & claws; taller build (6'6"); patches of golden scales along his shoulders, arms, and back.
✩ UNCOMMON CHANGES: Golden ram's horns (Celebration)
✵ RARE CHANGES: A golden-scaled, prehensile tail with a spade-like tip (Supervisor perk); the ability to breathe fire (pending).
࿇ MENTAL CHANGES: A tendency to hoard jewelry.

1ST CONTRACT: A year and a day of service in exchange for Jad Karadin's death.

CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] kiffle; PM at [personal profile] meme or this journal; mythicbeast#9659 on Discord
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What it says on the tin! Let me know if I'm doing something wrong.

This also serves as an opt-out post -- Lambert's not from a nice canon and he's not a nice character, but as much as possible I'd like to avoid making anyone unnecessarily uncomfortable. Please let me know if I need to tone something down, or if there's any content you want me to specifically avoid in his tags to/with your character (sexual references, excessive swearing, gore and violence are the major things).

If your question or concern is related to CR we have or you need some clarification on a specific point that needs a more back-and-forth discussion, you can also always send me a private plurk at [plurk.com profile] kiffle or PM this journal.

Comments are screened, IP logging is off.
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FREQUENCY: 843.77425 (personal);
DESCRIPTION: Half the time he forgets this thing even exists, or how to turn it on and off.

LOCATION: Next to trailer steps.
DESCRIPTION: The concept of a mailbox is rather foreign to Lambert, who's not exactly what you'd call big on personal correspondence. But there's a wooden crate you can probably drop shit into ???

BUG LAMBERT TO MAKE YOU SHIT: Given time and the right ingredients (which he'll usually ask people to provide) he can make potions (with potential side effects), oils, and bombs. You can bother him more about that in person.
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