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IC CONTACT for [community profile] lostcarnival

FREQUENCY: 843.77425 (personal);
DESCRIPTION: Half the time he forgets this thing even exists, or how to turn it on and off.

LOCATION: Next to trailer steps.
DESCRIPTION: The concept of a mailbox is rather foreign to Lambert, who's not exactly what you'd call big on personal correspondence. But there's a wooden crate you can probably drop shit into ???

BUG LAMBERT TO MAKE YOU SHIT: Given time and the right ingredients (which he'll usually ask people to provide) he can make potions (with potential side effects), oils, and bombs. You can bother him more about that in person.
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Lambert I need to speak with you privately. Are you preoccupied?
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[Before they can even really get into discussing the place...]


[And then she just shows up where Lambert is immediately, without any directions. WHERE ARE WE, LAMBERT?]
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[She crosses her arms.]

Well, there's no sense in wasting time!

[She frowns, and then puts his hands on her hips. She looks deeply contemplative, and at least sort of moody. This is very serious business apparently.]

So... I'm sure you are aware that the Nightrider... wasn't retrieved.

[She looks bothered to say that.]
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I understand.

[Apparently, she's not here to blame him for it, at the very least. She's very upset that it happened, but she's honestly surprised they managed to get as many of the captives back as they did.]

You were very... proactive, during that mission. And I appreciate that.
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[Both getting people into and out of trouble is basically the Ringmaster lifestyle. Actually, it doesn't seem like she was expecting praise for that part at all, and she stares for a moment with a raise of the eyebrows. Oh.]

I can't imagine why I would do that. Going there was never the worker's obligation, it was mostly mine...

[Sure, it was the Nightrunner's job too in a sense, but it would be impractical to expect them to stand up to enemies on her tier.]

You accomplished exactly what I was hoping for you to. I doubt I could have made it through the fortress without also killing the people I'd meant to protect. Fights between beings like us are not the most clean...
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[She considers for another moment before making up her mind.]

You are a very effective Nightrunner... and not a particularly attentive nurse.

And so it seemed most sensible to offer you the position of the next Nightrider.
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[She groans and puts out her hands helplessly.]

I don't exactly have a lot of options, Lambert!
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[She crosses her arms again and shrugs her shoulders. At least he's considering it!]

It would mean that you're the boss of the Nightrunner's operations, and that you get to tell everybody what to do. It seems like you're the only one with any sense of military strategy, so I imagine it'd be fitting. Normally I'd only give this position to a long term employee, but they have been slim pickings recently.

I find myself having to make a leap of faith.

...Oh, also you'd get a new, bigger trailer in the Supervisor Grove.
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Well... you might end up growing extra limbs, but it wouldn't be all that related to your position, I can tell you that much. No second contract is required. It's just a leadership position, really... and not one I can afford to slack on with the security issues we've been having recently.

You may take some time to decide. The sooner the better, obviously, but I guess it also isn't something to be done lightly.
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[She has to consider that. It's not something that comes up very often.]

Usually I make my payments upfront, but sometimes it gets left until the worker goes home just for convenience purposes... so, no. If you died there would be no reason for me to back down my side of the bargain. I could honestly fulfill my end of your contract right now, but it would be a bit complicated with the way the timelines work...

So often, the person will want to make the kill themselves, which is a whole other thing to arrange.
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[She's silent for a moment, and then answer, just a little sullenly:]

I suppose so.

[That is to say, she isn't going to force you to keep doing it past a certain point, but it will be really annoying and a big hassle for her to find someone else most likely so she's rather you didn't.]
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Very well.

[It's not said tersely, but she's not very enthusiastic to wait either. She puts out her arms like she's about to do a gymnastics pose.]

I await your decision!

[And then she does a backflip and vanishes into thin air.]
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a letter, slipped under lambert's door at the start of the summerlands

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[ holy shit why do none of his friends use their mailboxes, it is not that hard a concept to grasp.

also surprise, the guy who writes a really wordy book writes REALLY WORDY LETTERS

To Lambert,

I must apologize for my actions in Portland. Obviously that man was not me and I would never hold some of the dreadful opinions he held, and yet I feel I must take responsibility for those bridges he burned, both before and after my unintentional stay with the Summer Court. I truly am sorry for any pain, suffering, or inconvenience that I've put you though.

Likewise, I must thank you for your actions in Portland. You were far too kind to me, more than I deserved, especially with regards to that cat nonsense.

Unfortunately, I must press upon your kindness once more. Meet me at my trailer sometime tonight--I shall be in all evening so stop by whenever. During my unintentional stay with Nightshade, I learned some information about the fae that you, as Nightrider, should know as well.

I shall send a letter with the same request to John Childermass as well. Perhaps the two of you could coordinate and arrive at the same time? It would make explaining things easier, to say the least.

Sincerely yours, Jonathan Strange.

Addendum: If you could bring along a bottle of White Gull, I would greatly appreciate that.

[ ha ha let's get fucked up and not think. ]
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[ Thankfully, Strange does have his on it. And man, he sounds pretty tired as well, though definitely happy to hear Lambert's voice. ]

I have to apologize to half the damn carnival. I'll be hoarse if I bother everyone over the radio.
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I do, [ said without hesitation. ] Like I said, it involves the fae. And after...well, after everything, he deserves to know.
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[ ....well dang. ]

Let me check.

[ with CREEPY MAGIC. Guess what Lambert, you get to hear the sound of Strange just jostling some pots and pans as he tries to get down his scrying basin from the cupboard. ]
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[ doo doo doo, creepy scrying magic that you can't hear over the radio, wow Strange sure planned this GREAT didn't he.

There's a pause before,

I can't find him. All I'm getting is shadows for some reason.

[ okay so there might be a flaw in his plan. ]
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[ Strange lets out a noise of pure annoyance. ]

I'm not surprised. I suppose that I'll just have to tell you the information and hope to find Childermass later.

[ because yeah, you're still getting dragged into this, Nightrider. ]
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Really? Damn.

[ it's telling just how fucked up Strange wanted to get. ]

Don't worry, I'll bring something edible and portable. Also, if I forget, remind me: I've got something I want to show you after we talk.

[ iiiiit's a creepy wife gem ]
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It's amazing.

[ it's creepy as shit ]
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And you shall--tonight, of course. Until then, I think I need to- [ and then Strange accidentally yawns because yeah! He needs a nap! ]

Well, a small nap can't hurt.
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[Technically this map was drawn by Joy but- After lots of literal jumping around from atop a constantly shifting few dragons, Reira's managed a loose map of the island. Also, this.]

Reira Akaba, today

Kerner island isn't very big, and the only dock got burned down a while ago. Some of the old buildings here are burned up too, but those were accidents.

Everyone here has a daemon that hasn't settled, because the 'spectres' can't see people until that happens, which makes them safe. They said spectres can't go across deep water, which is why they can use the island to make portals even though that means spectres happen.

The big building was where portals were made before, but there's open portals right now on the island. One goes to a world full of candy and the other one just goes to a normal looking place, and then another goes to . But there are old portal places where there are things like mushroom rings. Portals get closed after a while, and they're really hard to see unless you know where to look. The candyland one has lots of dirt outside, more than even the rest of the island.

Everyone makes it very messy, but there's still lots of plants. There's some trees, and a vine plant that makes fuzzy fruits with green stuff inside. They're kind of sour, but they're okay. The plant grows really fast and everywhere, and bugs like it a lot. There's white ones that are called sugar beetles, and shiny ones that are called fireflies.

There are other animals all over the island too. Like fuzzy long-leg things with little horns. I think my daemon can show everything better though. The fuzzy things get eaten I think, because they're scared of everyone.

There's a big lighthouse to keep boats away in the bad weather. The shores are safe, but spectres like people with settled daemons.

So most of everything is really safe unless you have a settled daemon.

That's the end.

[She did her very very best to copy the format of all those reports she's had to steal over time.]